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A good measure of how a city takes care of its inhabitants and welcomes tourists is obvious by looking at some of the photographs below. Round or square flower pots are located at cross roads or heavy traffic intersections to enjoy.

A few local shops will not be outdone and also display their prize tulips!

Just in case you are nostalgic, here is an image of a closed flower stall on one of the bridges conveying yesterday’s free spirit.

Some aspiring grafitti artists do it their way. Call it street art!

No matter where you are in the inner city you will always find a comfortable seat to enjoy the trees and the people. Kudos to the City government doing what they can to take care of nature and the precious trees which add so much joy to a very busy environment full of tourists all the time.

One of the more interesting endeavors is to look at the back side of houses in this old city which have been hidden from plain public view since they look out on some type of courtyard invisible to whomever passes by. When the new replaces the old we get a good look at those houses from the back side and we know that very same view stately left alone previously, will soon disappear again.