The Artist as Jeweler : The ITALIAN MASTERS


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Silver Necklace by Lucio Fontana

In 2004 an Exhibition of Jewelry made by Italian Artists was held at the Museo del Corso in Rome, Italy. The exhibiton was curated by Francesca Romana Morelli. The catalog Ori d’ Artista il gioiello nell’arte italiana 1900-2004 was published by the Silvana Editoriale for this event with 143 pages in Italian.

The exhibiton highlighted 150 pieces of both precious and experimental jewelry made by both well known and aspiring Italian Artists. Some of the pieces were expressed with the use of gold, platinum, rubies and diamonds, paper, and ecalyptus flowers. The catalog is quite a reference work for those of us who admire the skills, visions and cultural expressions of the revered Italian Master Artists, specifically in the making of jewelry. One of the wonderful features of this catalog is the section at the back Schede tecnico-critiche (technical-critical data sheets). Here you will find a biograpy of each artist including a description of their works and work.  I chose Arnaldo and Gio Pomodoro as examples to show the type of information you can find there.

Here we will be showing you works by Afro Basaldella, Alighiero Boeti, Nicola Carrino, Aldo Calo, Ferruccio Ferrazzi, Paola Pivi, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Pasquale Santoro and Guiseppe Uncini.

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