From a Gentleman’s Viewpoint: How Does the GAME Work?


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Here we bring you some food for thought, reflection and hopefully some action from those out there who are so inclined to do so.

Let us start with this video HowThe Game Works by Neal Fox with a runtime of 5mins:45secs. You will get the gist of where this post is heading. Hang in there it will be worth the trip.

In one word for those of you who don’t know who Neal Fox is: GENIUS!

Fox produced a brain teasing documenary in 2015 and published this documentary to Youtube in 2016. The documentary titled THE CONSPIRACY PROJECT has won many awards and has gathered many reviews for its excellence. We have included this video with a runtime of 1hr:26 mins below. More information about Neal Fox and The Conspiracy Project can be obtained by visiting The Conspiracy Project website here. We hope you will find this information worth your while. We sure did!