From a Gentleman’s Viewpoint: The Masters of Deceit Exposed


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Worse than fear itself is ignorance in action – twicemodern

Remember those days when you thought you knew everything, and then after some reading and studying you realized you knew nothing. Well have a look at what Curtis Bowers produced after researching and documenting the agendas of our domestic enemies. These are the real enemies who in and outside our country have been chipping away at our morals, liberty and freedom.

Bowers made two important documentary films: AGENDA Grinding America Down (2010) and AGENDA 2 Masters of Deceit (2016). These two films give us the real explanation of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, AND HOW our country has been systematically pushed toward Cultural Marxism. They are really a must watch for the entire family (no violent acts depicted in either film) especially if you missed them (like me) when they were playing in your local theaters. Intrigued to learn more, then here is a link where Bowers outlines how communism took over the United States.

Below are YouTube trailers for Bowers two films running just over 5 minutes each.

If you want to learn more about our enemies within then have a look at our earlier post on Trevor Loudon’s book The Enemies Within here and his 2016 film of the same title and a bio of Loudon here.      Ignorance is not an option.twicemodern