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gentlemansviewpointcamera 23 015INVENTING REALITY, is there a better term that describes the impotence of the average American, who is now subjected to the quarantined visions of the new progressive politics that now attempt to make YOU believe that dreck is not DRECK.

For those with a degree from some obscure college, the word Scheisse or Merde, Caca would be the equivalent. You, the once proud American who built everything and could do everything have been effectively “quarantined” by the cancerous spin spewing out of the SPINHOUSE.

In today’s world, the Congress works barely 5 days a week. They go on vacation to kiss the voters *ss at home while the world is burning. Your double barrel VP Joe tells the average stay at home mom, feel good, “do not make any waves Christian” that hell will be too good for the Islamist Jihadists who cut a few heads off and everybody applauds.

No, of course there is no war in their minds. It is not real for them as they are inventing a new reality, and you are kept busy with the tactical crumbs. Neither is Ebola real. You are better off believing in some of the better fairy tales of your youth. Here are some of those fairy tales illustrated below just to keep matters simple.

camera 12 110camera 12 107There are real foxes in the White House. They will plunder your assets to the tune of 17 trillion dollars doling out money to cronies for false purposes supported by the ignorant tribalized crowd of “do-gooders”.

Your third world King, who recently received his tribal cronies from Africa, the worst of the worst scum, dined on your tax dollars while Adolf Hussein prepares his plans to send your son or your neighbors son to Liberia, to institute a cordon sanitaire. Will those 3000 soldiers be forced to take the experimental ebola vaccine being readied by Tulane University researchers at the Primate Center? Will it come out of Harvard, or the Army’s biological warfare center?

Of course this makes good sense when you want to put in a bid for the new title of Emperor in Africa after your term is up. The last emperor in Africa was Haile Selassi (a left wing view of him) but here is another one. The truth is that after the appeal of Haile Selassi to the United Nations (UN) the WESTERN powers did nothing and the Italians used poison gas! So much for historical examples. The new coming African Emperor will be called AL Hussein Messiah, a once obscure third rate community organizer, CIA induced, from the South side of Chicago. A city that has the largest population loss in America in the last few years with the exception perhaps of Detroit.

It is the very same Hussein, who a few years ago kissed the ring of the Arab King, and with that gesture not worthy of an American President, readied you for the abyss of Arabian induced poverty, black Reverend Wright socialism or Joe Biden’s coming fascism, and the deadly disease of a progressive cancerous mentality carefully constructed by the progressive graduates of a social studies course.

Of course, no one not even the “American ‘God’ on the Hill” can accomplish all of that without “collaborators” from the left and the right Democrats and Republicans alike, those  gangsters ready to siphon off more of your dollars knowing you will be bleed for more while attempting to curtail your unalienable rights by pissing on the founding document and principals of the American Republic.

The promise is of no boots on the ground to fight the Islamic State (may God forbid you call it that) or as it is known in informed circles in the security state: The Caliphate.

No European allies will be found this time, not likely that even the Poles and Balts can be cajoled into boots on the ground in Iraq as of today. Not even under the leadership of Germany’s Angela Merkel, who after the spy scandal simply says; Njet, screw you American bastards! Thanks to the current administration which did not support America’s true allies but vows for Hamas and other Quantanamo Jihadists. Thanks John you old warmongering bag!

For those leeches who pretend to represent ordinary folks inside the beltway and who lost their roots and moral fiber, this is what a real fox looks like.

So what about it? I hear you ask. Never mind the philosophy of Hegel. No, not the new world order pundit who runs your Defense Department and who will gladly put you into World War III with Russia and Iran in Syria forcing Bibi Netanyahu to do some of his dirty work. Perhaps good Eric, the Henchman, will send you the equivalent of what is shown below to your city accompanied by FBI agents.

wuppertalPlease allow me some “enlightenment teaching”. Here is a paragraph of the 1986 book Inventing Reality by the darling of the left Michael Parenti who with a sharp mind writes the following on page 32, red underlining is mine.img528It is too bad that the shameless media in the new 2014 “invented reality” do not even keep up the appearance of class neutrality. They are the bought off solid backers of the one percent Kings of the Hill.

The author of Future Shock, Alvin Toffler put in a slightly different way in his ground breaking book Powershift published in 1990 a quarter century ago when he wrote the following:

“When does order provide necessary stability for the economy-and when does it strangle needed development? There are in short, to analogize from Marx, two kinds of order. One order might be called “socially necessary order”. The other is “surplus order”. Surplus order is that excess order imposed not for the benefit of society, but exclusively for the benefit of those who control the state. Surplus order is the antithesis of beneficial or socially necessary order. The regime that imposes surplus order on its suffering citizens deprives itself of the Rousseauian justification for existence.”

Those who fail the connection to the above justification and the social contract read a wikipedia entry here.

Now you have it in a proverbial nutshell: Obama (affordable care act) health care controlling a good one sixth of the economy, first and second amendment attacks, irresponsible spending benefiting the ruling class ONLY and high corporate taxation. Time spent on golfing, millions on vacations, flaunting the entertainment parties in the White House, military failures in Benghazi, Egypt and so on. Not to mention, illegal immigration, lack of border security. LACK OF LEADERSHIP ON ALL SIDES IN A DYING EMPIRE.

The current media deception is so thick and so vast that you will need to read the Biblical Text below over and over again to prepare yourself for the coming “spiritual battle” exhalted by some popular radio hosts, but unfortunately not by your Rabbi, Priest, Minister or Pope. Never mind asking for an American Imam, who will openly and publicly condemn Muslim Jihadist violence.

If you have the guts give this text to your spiritual religious imposters and see them avert their eyes, telling you to turn the cheek the other way!

img532Military assessment: The United States has not won a war since World War II.

Korea was a stalemate, Vietnam a loss, Kuwait initially a win but lost in Iraq, Afghanistan will be a loss. You can study all you want in a War College but you need the political will to win a war, whether it is an asymmetrical war, economic war and so on. One component of any war is “boots on the ground”. NO Mas, No More, institute the draft, ship the progressive brainwashed ones in the colleges and their liberal fascist minded Democrat Party supporters off to the deserts in foreign lands propping up the oil sheiks and kings and you will see HOW FAST THERE WILL BE THE POLITICAL WILL TO WIN.

Pray for an American Leader like Bibi is to Israel or Vladimir Putin is to Russia to come along soon, instead of the New World Order types like Dempsey.

camera 17 016Listen to this Willie Nelson song before you ship out another Young Warrior to a war you do not want to win, my friends and especially You, You cowards on the Hill.  Listen to this Willie Nelson song, substitute the word you for America and you will get the message!