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gentleman 2On August 4, 2014, Infowars published an interesting article on their website by Michael Snyder, 25 Critical Facts About This Ebola Outbreak That Every American Needs To Know. Read the full article here. A number of good questions are asked, answered and more are raised.

Let’s have a look at point 20 and 21 in that article. On July 23, 2014, the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone on their Facebook site, stated Tulane University was requested to stop Ebola testing during the current Ebola outbreak. A very curious statement indeed. Why Tulane University? Part of Tulane University is the Primate Research Center, one of eight such Official National Centers in the United States. Here is their official University website.

Point 20 in the Infowars article relates to fever viruses as bio weapons, and the link goes to Jon Rappaport’s article at this website who in his post on August 1st asked the question: What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?

On staff at Tulane University is a Clinical Professor of Public Health with the following military experience, a perfect marriage between the Military Industrial complex and a higher learning Institute. The link between tax payers funding for ex-government employees, and the very lucrative private sector with better benefits. Double dipping through knowledge acquired as a government employee is a well known disease in most democratic countries.

Referenced from the Tulane website are the qualifications of this Professor shown below.

Director of Operational Medicine and chairman of the Department of Military Medicine, Keesler Medical Center, Biloxi, MS. His military experiences include;Surgeon General appointed International Health SpecialistDirector of the 2004/2005 LIFESAVER Exercises.Surgeon 474 EOSS, Apiay, Colombia, supporting the Colombian Special ForcesChief, Medical Operations, United States Air Forces in EuropeSurgeon, 3rd Air Force, responsible for medical operations in sub-Saharan AfricaDeputy Command Surgeon, JTF Shining Hope supporting refugees in the BalkansHeaded NATO preparation team for Operation Allied Force in NW TurkeySurgeon, Joint Task Force – Southwest Asia, Operation Desert StormMedical Commander, Operation Safe Haven, Republic of Panama,Chief, Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, RAAFMedical Program Director of the Tactical Air Warfare Center’s Chemical Weapons Defense and Operational Employment ExercisesSurgeon, OPERATION ELF-1, Saudi Arabia (Iran/Iraq War)Medical Project Manager of the South East Asian Refugee Evacuation.

There are close ties to Chemical Weapons manufacturing for this Professor, and well traveled to boot: Iraq, Panama, Balkans, Colombia!

All this at a University that has gone through some financial difficulties since the Katrina Hurricane. (See point 11 and the section on the 21st Century of the Wiki). Some questions arise here.

1. Is there any oversight of the scope of that research, where and by whom?

2. What Federal and military funding is provided?

3. Are any students or faculty at risk?

4. Are any students involved as, so called, “lab rat research” without knowing the risks?

It should be in the interest of the University and their world wide reputation to provide more transparency regarding this type of research and their ties to Government Intelligence, in my opinion.

Another type of conspiracy theory to which I could under certain reservations subscribe to is here on the same blog by Jon Rappoport.

Back to Point 22 in the Infowars article that references the MILITARY TIMES which reports that the Department of Defense (DoD) might send personnel to the infected area. Note that DoD personnel bring a level of excellence second to none etc, according to Army Col. James Cummings, a physician and director of the Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System at the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center. (Note the name of this team). There is more, and here is where it gets “hairy”.

Another research entity into viruses is Metabiota Inc., formerly known as Global Viral Forecasting until July 2012, is located in San Francisco, California, the Congressional District of Nancy Pelosi. In the House of Representatives, she served on the Appropriations and Intelligence Committees, and was the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee until her election as Minority Leader.

According to the Metabiota website one of their global partners is, you  guessed: Tulane University, among several other universities, and, of course, the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center and a host of other Department of Defense related Agencies just scroll the list!

What I found so very interesting is this page of their website. Look under their science research at the top of the page. This relatively young company has as an Advisor, Retired (since 2011) Navy Admiral Gary Roughead, former US Navy Chief of Naval Operation that I assume includes Naval Intelligence. The Four Star Admiral is also a Hoover Institute Visiting Fellow, and Chairman of their Arctic Security Working Group, and a member of the Energy Policy Task Force (Oil and Gas). What company would not like to have him as an advisor? Very convenient when you have to travel to the Arctic for a virus study or anywhere else by plane or by ship. Such a man must know every harbor from the Baltic to the East and then some. What a great link for this company to the military industrial complex and the deep state security services.

Metabiota financing: The company just landed $2.38 million in funding, according to a recent SEC filing. In 2008, not for profit Global Viral received seed funding from Google.Org and the Skoll Foundation. Among the investors for Metabiota, according to CrunchBase is Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners. Their New York Office is headed by Devon Archer and in the Washington, D.C. Office, one of the Managing Directors is R. Hunter Biden. Both men sit on the Board of BURISMA Holding, the Ukrainian oil and gas company. Mr. Devon Archer, in 2004, served as a National Finance Co-Chair for John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential Campaign. Mr. Archer currently serves as Chairman of Rosemont Realty and is a Trustee of the Heinz Family Office.

Do the holdings of Burisma include off shore gas rights around the Crimea? Does Ihor Kolomoisky the shadowy figure in Ukrainian politics own Burisma, and is he the apparent financier of the neo nazi AZOV Brigade fighting the rebels for the Ukrainian Government in the Eastern Ukraine? These are the pals of Senator John McCain to which he wants to ship weapons, in a stupid repeat of a similar Benghazi type operation.

A question comes to mind, looking at the Metabiota website here, on the map shown under the heading “where we work”, we see a number of locations mostly but not all in Africa. Under the heading is a list of offices in Sierra Leone and other places, and note in all of Europe in black is a “On Going Project” in the UKRAINE ! Nowhere on the site is an explanation of any of these “Projects”. An oversight? Something secret? Government funded? Bio-weapon research? Under cover? (The Metabiota website has changed content since this posting, it has become difficult to locate the above information on it. However, we are leaving the above paragraph intacted. However, we have repaired lost or changed links in the rest of this post as of March 25, 2020)

Why the Ukraine? Convenience for the coming war? Biology labs?

A great smell of new world order crony capitalism here, and great profits under the guise of do good-ing or else?

UPDATE AS OF JUNE 16, 2022 courtesy avoin.media:

U.S. biolabs in Ukraine were supposed to be Kremlin propaganda and false news. Instead, they are unfortunately true. A short newsletter dated 25 March 2022 from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a non-profit support group for organic farming, takes a stand on biolabs, which are now a topical issue due to the Ukrainian Civil War, Russian intervention and US involvement. The newsletter provides background information on the U.S. share of the Ukrainian biolab laboratory. People have begun to organize locally around the country, a newsletter signed by Alexis Baden-Mayer reports. Outside of Washington, D.C., COVIDOrigins.org hosts weekly protests at two infamous biosafety laboratories (BSL-3), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and a nearby biomedical research facility run by the U.S. Department of Defense. Army Institute of Research…

UPDATE AS OF MAY 29, 2023: We have been made aware of new and more detailed information from Alexis Baden-Mayer, and we urge you to stop over to his blog scamerica.substack.com/p/from-911-to-covid-19 for a great read and a deeper dive into twicemodern’s original post – Secret War- a New Virus?