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img410Marcel Breuer (1902-1981) Visionary architect, teacher and builder in different parts of the world, proto designer, Hungarian by birth, European in thought, but most of all he was courageous in his convictions, persistent and humble.

His architectural legacy is visible in many parts of the United States and in Europe. The Abbey in Minnesota is one of those visionary projects, and the only church ever designed by Marcel Breuer. It should be designated as one of our National Architectural Treasures! The photographs used here are from Perspectives on the Arts (Arts Yearbook Number 5 1961).

img411img412img413img415img414img417img419img418img421img420img422img423More information on the building and it’s background, as well as, other Breuer projects can be found on this excellent site.

With the proliferation of uninspiring post post architecture raising its ugly head, we should be very vigilant in preserving architectural history world wide. It should be noted that most of the great architects like Louis Kahn ( 1901-1974) a Breuer contemporary, would find it a great honor to be involved in building a “House of Worship”.

Are we all to believe that the “modernist – 24hour wired world” does not need a Le Corbusier’s “Ronchamp” any more, but, instead in this century, we will only build the proverbial electronic “Towers of Babel houses of worship for big business” or big science, the newest religion, designed for those who pay the most and which affords the architect “worldly prestige”? I don’t believe that! Are we coming to the twitter church where you can relieve yourself in a 24 hour faith tweet?

We have seen the drive by church, the drive in church, the drive up church, the mega church. Yet there seems to be less faith and spirituality around and within us. It takes “ faith and conviction” to build the largest cathedrals or even the smallest chapel!